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Big Problems, Bigger Solutions (1000+ Cities and Communities Working Together): Mission/History
How do you solve big health and social problems? By implementing bigger solutions. United Community Care Alliances Inc. (501c3) does not back down from challenges; instead, United Community Care Alliances Inc thrives on meeting challenges head on. United Community Care Alliances Inc.’s combination of consulting, professional and program development, and social entrepreneurship provides United Community Care Alliances Inc. with the capacity and mission to respond timely to health, social, and business needs with a host of comprehensive solutions, to address the health, those needs of communities.

The President of United Community Care Alliances Inc., and well-regarded community leader, Michael Fleming’s life has been dedicated to addressing and confronting the health and social disparities of communities for over 20 years.  Through United Community Care Alliances Inc., most recently, Mr. Fleming has built national collaborations and alliances to deploy the Kingstreets Project ( and initiative to empower communities around the country. The United Community Care Alliances Inc.’s mission is to mobilize capacity building resources to every participating community to confront and resolve all health and social needs in that community.

For over 15 years, Mr. Michael Fleming and his team ran the largest life skills, GED, work-readiness, mentoring, entrepreneurship, and business development program in the state of Georgia, while being based in the Atlanta Metro Area (10 direct metro counties and throughout the state of Georgia-25 counties).
We simply cannot solve a 50-mile problem with a 50-mile solution. All resources must be mobilized to eradicate the source of health and social disparities. United Community Care Alliances Inc. is dedicated to coordinating solutions to the maximum level to address all direct and underlying issues surrounding the health needs of underserved communities.

1000+ Community Care Alliances:  Vision
United Community Care Alliances Inc. is launching the Community Care Alliances in over a 1000 communities across the United States. The communities will be mobilized and assisted on-line/digitally first with tools and content to bring health minded professionals together into community coalitions ( ). These coalitions will be called the Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Coalitions.  The people and entities that will be part of these coalitions already exist (zip code by zip code, block-by-block); however, in most cases, they are fragmented and unaware that other like-minded professionals and entities exist but have not been coordinated into one existing alliance (http://www.United Community Care Alliances ). The alliances will take a “help near me” approach. Our research has shown that in populated zip codes, there are typically 1200 or more establishments (physical, for-profit and non-profit non-residential buildings) in every zip code.  United Community Care Alliances Inc. plans to activate all interested establishments (whether they are in the health field or not) to participate in the health and welfare of those who live within a short radius of their establishment.

The initial identified 1000+ communities already share a significant, common, and profound legacy. There are over a 1000+ communities that have a street named after Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., or his late wife Coretta Scott King, in the United States. The United Community Care Alliances Inc. has acquired the  website and is using the site to launch and market the Community Care Alliance and the Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Coalitions in all 1000+ KingStreets communities. The Kingstreets website (initiative) is set up to be managed as a “virtual care center” focusing all areas of the Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise (HWW) needs of a community.

Virtual Community and Centers
High tech and high touch, as a virtual center and community, the website will act as software to assist with managing and coordinating responses, community by community, throughout the entire country with the highest concentration in the south and primarily in underserved communities and cities. With an extensive marketing campaign (on-line, social media, media, TV, radio, billboards, news outlets, etc.) the mission and goal is to turn Kingstreets communities into mobilized, coordinated communities and cities.

In the spirit of the Dr. King’s Beloved Community, United Community Care Alliances Inc. has strategized to not just meet people where they are but to meet these communities at their point of need. Instead of just a national dialogue, each community will be able to house their own best practices and manage them through the website. United Community Care Alliances Inc. has a Community Care Alliance Alive and Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise Edutainment Series to assist communities in celebrating their history, heritage, and legacy. Coalition and capacity building are United Community Care Alliances Inc.’s primary aim for all communities.

Respected locally, nationally, and internationally, Michael Fleming has gathered a team of professionals and experts to address the widespread health and social disparities across the United States. Specifically, focusing on health and social disparities that impact minorities and low-income communities across the country. Health and social disparities include, but are not limited to: mental health, obesity, dietary deficiencies, food quality, food deserts, lack of physical exercise, medicine cost, health education, sexual health, drug addiction, adequate health insurance, health representation, work-force assistance, education/training assistance, financial literacy, and medical treatment cost. Michael Fleming has in place experts, programs, initiatives, services, technologies, and relationships to address these challenges directly.  



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